"My name is Jessica and I am 18 years old. I love to play football, do gymnastics and play on the Xbox but most of all I love to sing and dance and I love to do shows on stage. I would love to be on TV one day.

I have lots of friends at Zebedee, we choose the songs and learn dances we do drama games and make up shows. We have done the Wizard of Oz, I was the scarecrow- I love doing shows for our family.

The best thing about Zebedee is having fun with my friends and putting on the show. The teachers are funny and help us to put on the show. We can choose the ideas for Zebedee activities and shows. I love Zebedee."

Jessica Ward.

What the teacher says

Jessica has been attending Zebedee since I first set up the group in 2011, Jess is a fantastic group member who loves to get involved in all aspect of performing arts. Her dream is to become an actress and we are helping her to achieve this dream. She is in the process of applying for work as a background artist and actress- fingers crossed she can make it to the big screen!

Jess has formed some very solid friendships within the group and she is a fantastic team member with a very funny sense of humour. Jess has really developed her dance work as well as her acting skills through role-play, rehearsals and shows whilst attending Zebedee. She is a true Zebedee superstar!"


Chloes's Mum said: "Chloe has gained confidence with joining the group, the children and young adults are encouraged to take part fully whatever disability they have. their needs are met fully in a sensitive confidence boosting way. Chloe loves it!

Chloe said " it's funny and good exercise. If you want to sing we take turns".

Chloe Smith.

What the teacher says

"Chloe has been attending Zebedee for several years now and last year made the transition from the younger group to 16+ session. Chloe loves to sing on the microphone especially to the song Skyfall. Chloe has a very lovely and mischievous nature and has made many friends at Zebedee. And loves working in pairs during the dance and and drama warm up activities."


"My name is Christina Hands and I am 24 years old. I live in supported living and I am learning to be independent. I have a very busy life going into Grimsby everyday on the bus by myself. I work in a charity shop and also in a cafe. I like to eat healthily and go to the gym. I also like to go to discos and play football in the park.

I really like dancing drama and singing and that is why I joined Zebedee. I love going there to meet my friends. My best Friend April goes there as well. I really love acting at zebedee and like to be in their shows. Our teachers are nice and friendly and teach us a lot.

My dad says that what I do at Zebedee helps keep me fit and active."

Christina Hands.

What the teacher says

"Christina is a fantastic all rounder, she loves to join in all the music, movement and acting activities. Christina had the starring role as Dorothy in the recent Wizard of Oz show and is able to learn scripts well. Christina is a kind and caring young lady who is very considerate to others. She is a great dancer with some amazing dance choreography ideas up her sleeve!"


"My name is Alex and I am 24 years old. My hobbies include watching air shows, swimming and cutting my grass. I like walking my dog and watching motorbikes. I work at a cafe and I the kitchens several days a week.

I really enjoy joining in and dancing, I've had a lot of fun. Coming to Zebedee helps me meet new people and with my communication skills. Dancing makes me feel happy. And I like being with the group as I can talk a lot!

I like the group discussions and working with my partner Sarah. I like listening to new music and it helps me lots of good images in my mind. The teachers are helpful and supportive, not boring and funny sometimes."

Alex Stillings.

What the teacher says

"When I first met Alex several years ago he was reluctant to come into the group situation. Little by little Alex has grown in confidence and now joins in each session with lots to tell the group and is raring to go. Alex always starts by telling us the weather forecast, which we now rely on. Alex loves rap music and although isn't too bothered about singing has some fantastic dance moves and is always keen to participate in the mime and charade sessions. Alex has made some great new friends whilst at Zebedee and enjoys catching up with everyone and sharing stories of what they have been up to during the week."